Darnassian Archer (War of the Thorns)

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Not to be confused with Darnassian Archer (Hellfire Peninsula), Darnassian Archer, or Darnassian Archer (Stormwind City).
AllianceDarnassian Archer
Image of Darnassian Archer
Gender Both
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 110
Health 10,159
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Darnassus, Darnassian City Guard
Occupation Archer
Location Astranaar, Ashenvale; Darkshore
An archer killed by Sylvanas when she approached Darkshore.
Darnassian Archer (War of the Thorns) male.jpg

The subject of this article or section took place during the War of the Thorns, the Battle for Azeroth pre-launch event.

Darnassian Archers are night elves that participated in the War of the Thorns in Ashenvale and Darkshore. They arrived with Captain Delaryn Summermoon to the conquered Astranaar.[1] They tried to stop Warchief Sylvanas and her forces at the Twilight Vale to enter Darkshore, but failed and were killed.[2] They are also seen at the Master's Glaive, near the Blackwood Den and at the Wildbend River.

They ultimately regrouped from Darnassus at Lor'danel and during the stalemate phase, they accompanied Darkshore Sentinels into Nazj'vel. During the final phase, they were attacked by the Horde army at Mist's Edge next to Lor'danel.


Objective of


Healed in Lor'danel
  • Many thanks. We must keep moving.
  • You're quite the <class>, aren't you? My thanks.
  • Keep moving.
  • Move! As fast as you can! Go!
  • The lands are overrun! We must stop them!
  • Others have been captured. I've seen it. They're everywhere!
  • For the Alliance!
  • Death take you...
  • I don't want to kill you, but I will.
  • I'm coming my love...
  • Lady Tyrande will stop you.
  • Never corner a wounded nightsaber...
  • So much for honor.
  • This land is ours!
  • Why are the birds so quiet?

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