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Datalore Smallsphere

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NeutralDatalore Smallsphere
Image of Datalore Smallsphere
Title <Trade Goods>
Gender Male
Race Gnome (Humanoid)
Level 70
Health 8,982
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Harkor's Camp, Grizzly Hills [74, 34]

Datalore Smallsphere is a level 70 gnome trade goods vendor located in Harkor's Camp in the Grizzly Hills.


  • Datalore Smallsphere says: Oh boy Jones and I have had some adventures...
Datalore Smallsphere takes a deep breath and puffs out his chest.
Datalore Smallsphere says: Where Jones goes, I go. Where he steps, I step. But this time, he told me to stay back.
Datalore Smallsphere says: I hope Jones is okay.
Datalore Smallsphere looks around nervously.
  • Datalore Smallsphere says: If Jones listened to me, he'd live longer.
Kraz sighs.
Harkor sighs.
  • Datalore Smallsphere says: I hope Jones makes it back okay.
Datalore Smallsphere looks off into the distance, annoyed.
  • Datalore Smallsphere says: Jones still owes me money from our last card game. Can you believe he tried to cheat me! I'm may be little but he cheats very big.[sic]
Harkor sighs.
  • Datalore Smallsphere says: Oh boy... I can't believe I just remembered that...
Datalore Smallsphere can't hardly control his laughter.[sic] His story is constantly interrupted by his own laughter.
Datalore Smallsphere says: he dropped the potatoes, even though I told him to hold onto them.
Harkor sighs.


This character is a play on at least one, and likely three separate pop culture references:

  • The Goonies - The actor Jonathan Ke Quan, who played Short Round in the Indiana Jones movie also played Richard 'Data' Wang in The Goonies.

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