Dawnblade Blood Knight

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MobDawnblade Blood Knight
Image of Dawnblade Blood Knight
Gender Both
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 25-30
Class Blood Knight
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Dawnblade
Location Dawnstar Village, Isle of Quel'Danas
Status Killable

Dawnblade Blood Knights are level 70 blood elf Blood Knights located in Dawnstar Village on the Isle of Quel'Danas. They occasionally can be spotted mounted astride a Dawnstar Charger.


  • Holy Light
  • Joust
  • Judgment of Wrath
  • Seal of Wrath

Objective of


A Dawnblade Blood Knight atop a Dawnstar Charger.

A Dawnblade Blood Knight addressing other sparring Blood Knights:

Dawnblade Blood Knight says: The Dawnblade will defend this land for all of the sin'dorei. There is no turning back!
Dawnblade Blood Knight says: Train harder! We are all that remains of the loyal defenders of Kael'thas.
Dawnblade Blood Knight says: This is no vacation - our hearts, our souls, the final escape from the addictions that bind us lie here on Quel'Danas!
Dawnblade Blood Knight says: Put your shoulders into it! We must defend the Sunwell with our lives if needed!

One Dawnblade Blood Knight has a conversation with a neighboring Dawnblade Summoner near the Bloodcrystal:

Dawnblade Blood Knight says: So I heard your brother joined the Scryers?
Dawnblade Summoner says: Yeah, he did.
Dawnblade Blood Knight says: Wow, how much do they pay?
Dawnblade Summoner says: Pay? Well, they don't pay anything at all.
Dawnblade Blood Knight says: What? Why would he do a fool thing like that?
Dawnblade Summoner says: Yeah, I could never do that. The pay's too good here.
Dawnblade Blood Knight says: Sounds like a bunch of rotten Hawkstrider eggs to me.
Dawnblade Summoner says: Nice. Now, that's the life...
Dawnblade Blood Knight says: Yeah. I hope to retire next month to a little tract of land I bought off the coast of Azeroth.

Another conversation can also be overheard:

Dawnblade Summoner says: ... did you see how Kael'thas looked?
Dawnblade Blood Knight says: Yes. He hasn't been the same since the attack on Tempest Keep.
Dawnblade Summoner says: He was beaten and left for dead. If Priestess Delrissa hadn't arrived when she did, who knows what might have happened!
Dawnblade Blood Knight says: That look in his eyes now... it scares me.
Dawnblade Summoner says: Yes, but we will follow him to the end. It's our duty to hold this sanctuary while he prepares.
Dawnblade Blood Knight says: Prepares? Prepares for what?
Dawnblade Summoner says: His... return.
Dawnblade Blood Knight gasps.

And another one:

Dawnblade Summoner says: ...Yes! And when was the last time you saw a Doomguard take a bath?
Dawnblade Blood Knight says: Not to mention that those blasted Abyssals walk all over the flowerbeds.
Dawnblade Summoner says: Why do we need them anyways?
Dawnblade Blood Knight says: Lord Kael'thas insisted them upon us.
Dawnblade Summoner says: Well, I hope that after they're done he will send them right back trough[sic] that portal.
Dawnblade Blood Knight nods in agreement.

They can also say this randomly:

Dawnblade Blood Knight says: Do you want to end up like one of the Wretched? No?! Then put your hearts into it this time!

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