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Dawnstar Spire

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Dawnstar Spire.

Dawnstar Spire is the former residence of Dar'Khan Drathir before he turned to the Scourge. He spent his childhood here.[1] He also used the Spire to conduct Void research.[2] It is located in eastern Ghostlands and is now guarded by his Arcane Reavers.[79, 21]

In Year 25, Dar'Khan used the place to lure the Blood Knights into a trap. A plan that ultimately failed when Lor'themar Theron arrived and killed him.[1]

Years later, Magister Umbric found Dar'Khan's research and left notes at the top of the Spire. Alleria Windrunner later arrived to the top of the Spire and opened a portal to Telogrus Rift.


  • It is unclear if the spire is linked to the other Dawnstars.


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