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Day of the Dead

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Day of the Dead
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November 1 - 3 (2019)


Invisible Ghosts
 [Macabre Marionette]
[Dead Man's Party]
Fighting Costumes

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Day of the Dead is a world event that occurs immediately after Hallow's End, on 1st to 2nd of November. This is the same time as the real-world Day of the Dead. It takes place in the Graveyards your race's major city, or in the neutral locations of Shattrath or Dalaran. Day of the Dead made its debut in 2009.

During the Day of the Dead, the people of Azeroth gather in graveyards to celebrate and cherish the spirits of those they have lost. One can find the festivities in the cemeteries of any major city where celebrants cook, drink, don costumes and more.
Can you feel it? The spirit world draws close during the Day of the Dead. This is why we decorate the graves of our dearly departed with flowers and candles and offerings: to welcome them back, even if only for a time.

New in 2014

Chapman has some permanent new costumes on sale for 100g:

Use those costumes to earn some new achievements:

  1. [To The Afterlife]
  2. [Vientos!]
  3. [Calavera]

Things to do

Dance with Catrina

During the event, become a skeleton by /dancing with Catrina at any capital city graveyard. This grants the achievement [Dead Man's Party] and the cosmetic [Honor the Dead] buff.

Get a Macabre Marionette pet

Buy some  [Simple Flour] and  [Ice Cold Milk] and go to the graveyard of your racial capital city, or Shattrath or Dalaran (pandaren cannot complete this quest except in the neutral cities). Complete N [80] The Grateful Dead by doing these steps:

  1. Buy  [Recipe: Bread of the Dead] for  [Bread of the Dead] and an  [Orange Marigold] or a  [Bouquet of Orange Marigolds]
  2. Create the bread at the Ghostly Fire next to Chapman or Catrina
  3. Use the marigolds to see the Cheerful Spirit quest giver.

A companion skeleton with a Sombrero on, the  [Macabre Marionette] is available as a reward.

Originally meant to only last the duration of Day of the Dead, the pet has since changed in 2013 to be a permanent companion.

Fighting costumes

Available for 100g each from Chapman, five fighting costumes can be used to fight other contenders who are wearing costumes with special moves:

  • Ability monk jab.png  Quick Punch — Strike contenders directly in front of you for 10% health. 1 sec cast (1 sec cooldown)
  • Ability monk risingsunkick.png  Strong Sweep — Sweep contenders in a 4-yard cone for 20% health and knock them down for 1.50 sec. 1.5 sec cast (1.5 sec cooldown)
  • Ability heroicleap.png  Jump Attack — Jump forward and strike contenders in a 0-yard circle for 30% health and knock them down for 3 sec. 1 sec cast (1.5 sec cooldown)

Defeating 1, 20, and 50 contenders will each award an achievement: [To The Afterlife], [Vientos!], and [Calavera], respectively. Don't attempt to get the achievements in Sanctuaries like Shattrath and Dalaran, as the abilities will not do any damage to other players.

Easy Calavera technique

To get 50 kills quickly, after acquiring a costume, form a raid with some friends or a PuG and zone into an instance where players respawn inside the instance, like Siege of Orgrimmar. Start fighting immediately after zoning in. This way, after releasing, defeated characters will respawn instantly in the melee, rather than having to deal with the resurrection timer and running around. Resurrect instantly and just stand there while waiting on the costume cooldown to keep attacking. Other players will get credit for your character's death if your character still has the buff (it lasts through death), even if your character cannot actively attack.

Another method is to use graveyard resurrection sickness, for those who can't enter raids, but make sure to put all armor that takes durability damage in the bank while doing this.

A macro to make competitive killing easier:

/cancelaura Strong Sweep
/cancelaura Jump Attack
/click ExtraActionButton1

This removes the stun/knockdown caused by others, and causes you to attack.


Item Cost Type
5x  [Candy Skull] 25c Food
 [Orange Marigold] 10c Invis detect
 [Spirit Candle] 30c Campfire
 [Whimsical Skull Mask] 100g Wearable Mask
 [Whimsical Skull Mask] 5c Mask Effect
 [Recipe: Bread of the Dead] 20s Cooking (1)
 [Bouquet of Orange Marigolds] Free Invis detect
 ["Night Demon" Contender's Costume] 100g Fighting costume
 ["Purple Phantom" Contender's Costume] 100g Fighting costume
 ["Blooming Rose" Contender's Costume] 100g Fighting costume
 ["Snowy Owl" Contender's Costume] 100g Fighting costume
 ["Santo's Sun" Contender's Costume] 100g Fighting costume

Finding graveyard locations

  • Neutral
    • Dalaran - Graveyard can be found next to the Violet Citadel in the grass next to the Underbelly entrance.
    • Shattrath - Graveyard is just outside the East Gate of the city.
  • Alliance
    • Ironforge - Graveyard can be found to the east of the entrance up a small hill.
    • Stormwind - Graveyard can be found at the North end of the Stormwind Graveyard, just behind the Cathedral.
    • Darnassus - Graveyard located to the right when entering the city from Dolanaar, near Craftsman's Terrace.
    • Exodar - Graveyard is just south of Azure Watch.
  • Horde
    • Silvermoon City - Going from Silvermoon go west past The Dead Scar before you get to Falcon Square.
    • Thunder Bluff - Graveyard can be found right next to the north lift of the Middle Rise
    • Orgrimmar - Can be found left of the road heading south right past the boar farm.
    • Undercity - Graveyard is located inside the courtyard of the city right across from the chamber for the Orb of Translocation

Racial home city graveyards

Race Home city Graveyard location
AllianceDraeneiDraenei Draenei Exodar Azuremyst Isle[48, 57](approx.)
AllianceIronforge dwarfIronforge dwarf Ironforge dwarf Ironforge Dun Morogh[61, 36]
AllianceGnomeGnome Gnome Ironforge Dun Morogh[61, 36]
AllianceHumanHuman Human Stormwind City Stormwind City[46.86, 26.13]
AllianceNight elfNight elf Night elf Darnassus Darnassus[77, 27]
AlliancePandarenPandaren Pandaren1 Stormwind City N/A
HordeBlood elfBlood elf Blood elf Silvermoon City Eversong Woods
HordeForsakenForsaken Forsaken Undercity Undercity
HordeGoblinGoblin Goblin Orgrimmar Durotar
HordeOrcOrc Orc Orgrimmar Durotar
HordePandarenPandaren Pandaren1 Orgrimmar N/A
HordeTaurenTauren Tauren Thunder Bluff Mulgore
HordeTrollTroll Troll Orgrimmar Durotar

1Pandaren can only complete the quest at a neutral city.

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