De-Constructed (Horde)

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Start Archmage Aethas Sunreaver
End Archmage Aethas Sunreaver
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Type Daily
Category Isle of Thunder
Experience 236000
Reputation +150 Sunreaver Onslaught
Rewards 19g 84s 50c 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune
Repeatable Yes


Recover the four stolen Sunreaver Constructs.

  • Recover Disabled Construct
  • Recover Buried Construct
  • Recover Distressed Construct
  • Recover Malfunctioning Construct


Saurok consistently test our borders, and our constructs usually fend them off. Some constructs, however, have been defeated and dragged back to Ihgaluk Crag.

I want those constructs back. No slithering lizard will steal Sunreaver property under my watch.


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune


Hmph... saurok.

<Aethas spits.>


That's more like it.

Thank you, <class>.



Make sure to complete H [90] Skin of the Saurok for ease of movement in Ihgaluk Crag!

The buried construct is, well, buried up to its neck on the beach. The disabled construct is at the southwest cave entrance. The distressed construct is running in a large circuit around the crag. The malfunctioning construct is by the bonfire in the northwest.


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