Deadwood Shaman

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MobDeadwood Shaman
Image of Deadwood Shaman
Race Furbolg (Humanoid)
Level 48 - 49
Health 4,276
Mana 1,695 - 1,750
Wealth 3s 52c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Felwood [62.2, 11.8]

Deadwood Shaman can be found in Felwood [62.2, 11.8].


  • Spell nature chainlightning.png  Chain Lightning — Strikes an enemy with a lightning bolt that arcs to another nearby enemy. The spell affects up to 3 targets, inflicting less Nature damage to each successive target.
  • Spell shadow gathershadows.png  Curse of the Deadwood — Reduces healing effects for an enemy by 50% for 2 min.
  • Spell nature lightning.png  Lightning Bolt — Blasts an enemy with lightning, inflicting Nature damage.
  • Spell nature lightningshield.png  Lightning Shield — Surrounds an ally with 3 balls of lightning that have 50% chance of striking melee or ranged attackers with Nature damage. Each time the lightning shield strikes, a ball of lightning dissipates. Thus, the shield expires after 10 min. or after it has struck 3 times.

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