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NeutralDeath Hiss tribe
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NagaNaga Naga

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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The Death Hiss tribe is a naga tribe that dominates the Broken Isles. It is led by Tide Priest Harash.

They have several bases throughout the region, and their forces are strong. Naga myrmidons, sirens and royal guard are out in force, posing a threat to all sensible races. The terrain favors the naga as well; if one's forced to flee the creatures, they can run only to the shore, and then the naga get them. The naga live in Kaldorei ruins and have constructed some of their own buildings as well. The architecture is frighteningly similar. The Death Hiss naga have a distinctive warcry: the hiss, from which they take their name, which sounds like rain striking the ocean.[1]

They believe that the sinking of the isles is a time for celebration and a good omen for their culture.[2]


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