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Death Rising

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For the feat of strength, see [Death Rising].
Shadowlands Death Rising
Mawsworn Soulbearer.jpg
A Mawsworn Soulbearer in Icecrown


Casualties and losses
Death Rising.png

The subject of this article or section was part of Death Rising, a world event that heralded the Shadowlands.

Death Rising is a world event in patch 9.0.1 that heralds the launch of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. It is similar in scope to the Scourge Invasion events.

Sylvanas Windrunner has shattered the Helm of Domination, leaving the Scourge masterless and out of control, and kidnapped leaders of the Alliance and Horde.

New world boss

A typical scene at Marris Stead

In the Eastern Plaguelands, Nathanos Blightcaller has returned as a world boss, reprising his role from Classic (for the Alliance, at least). Players will get a breadcrumb to him as they are directed to Icecrown during the quest chain, but the world quest N [50WQ] Nathanos Blightcaller is available immediately.

Zombie invasion

An invasion in Westfall

Much like the invasions in patch 1.11 and patch 3.0, the Scourge is running wild in many zones, infecting players, creatures, and NPCs alike.

As the invasion starts, Plagued Roaches and Plagued Vermin appear in cities, towns, and quest hubs. Attacking them will immediately turn the player into an Infectious Zombie. NPC Infectious Zombies also spawn, whose attacks stand a good chance of infecting their targets.

If players find themselves infected, they have a small amount of time to cleanse the disease with player skills or find an Argent Healer, else they will turn into an Infectious Zombie. Dying will also cause the player to respawn as a zombie.

You are [Infected]!
Ability creature disease 03.png  Infected! — Find a cure before it's too late! Disease. 60 sec duration

As is tradition, the zombies have the following abilities:

  1. Spell shadow unstableaffliction 3.png  Mangle! Melee range — Inflicts X Physical damage to an enemy and increases Physical damage taken by 5% for 12 sec. Instant (3 sec cooldown)
  2. Spell nature corrosivebreath.png  Retch! 40 yd yd range — Spews bile at an area, inflicting X Nature damage to enemies every 2 sec. and reducing movement speed by 40%. Instant (20 sec cooldown)
  3. Spell shadow deathscream.png  Beckoning Groan 40 yd range — Beckon up to 4 zombies within 35 yards to you. They must not be in combat. Instant (20 sec cooldown)
  4. Spell shadow shadesofdarkness.png  Lurch! — Increases the movement speed of nearby zombies by 100% for 10 sec to help catch food. Removes movement-impairing or crowd control effects. Instant (30 sec cooldown)
  5. Spell shadow abominationexplosion.png  Zombie Explosion! 30 yd range — Burst into pieces, inflicting X Physical damage and infecting enemies within 15 yards. 4 sec cast (1 min cooldown)


Icecrown is in a new phase with new mechanics.

Chilling Winds and Bonfires

A Bonfire to counteract Chilling Winnds

Occasionally, the Chilling Winds blow:

[Chilling Winds] fill the air! Seek warmth at a [Bonfire].
Justicar Mariel Trueheart says: We must not allow the cold to deter our efforts. Seek warmth among allies, champion.

The winds debuff all players in the zone:

Spell frost frozenorb.png  Chilling Winds — Inflicts X Frost damage every 10 sec. Seek comfort at a Bonfire.

To counteract this, find Bonfires in the zone and sit by them for a little while to gain a stacking buff:

Spell fire fire.png  Lingering Warmth — Damage done increased by 5%. Frost damage taken reduced by 18%. Stacks five times

At five stacks, damage is increased by 25% and Frost damage taken is reduced by 90%, all but negating the Chilling Winds.

Bonfire locations
Location Coords Week
Argent Tournament Grounds Northeast [75.3, 21.0] 1
Argent Tournament Grounds Southeast [75.3, 23.0] 1
Ironwall Rampart [45.6, 44.2] 2


Every twenty minutes, Mawsworn Soulbearers respawn some Wrath of the Lich King undead bosses. They drop 30-40x  [Pitch Black Scourgestone], a slim chance at item level 100 loot (for level 50 players) in an echo of their original loot, and an even rarer chance at an  [Accursed Keepsake].

Bosses spawn in a set pattern every twenty minutes (at :00, :20, and :40), announced with a zone-wide emote:

Winged figures appear through the shattered sky and call upon <boss> to rise again!
<Boss> returns, infused with dark energies!

Between the initial "Winged figures" emote and the boss becoming attackable, players have two minutes to reach the boss's location, shown with a purple skull on the zone map. The boss will yell on aggro, at 50%, and when it dies.

Boss locations and spawn order
Boss Coords Subzone Notes
The Black Knight [64.8, 22.1] Deathspeaker's Watch
Bronjahm [70.6, 38.5] Sindragosa's Fall
Scourgelord Tyrannus [47.1, 65.9] Corp'rethar: The Horror Gate North end, just south of the Conflagration
Forgemaster Garfrost [58.9, 72.7] Malykriss: The Vile Hold
Marwyn [58.2, 83.5] Icecrown Citadel East side up high
Falric [50.2, 88.1] Icecrown Citadel Near entrance to dungeons
The Prophet Tharon'ja [80.4, 61.4] Scourgeholme Inside the ziggurat
Novos the Summoner [77.4, 66.0] Scourgeholme
Trollgore [58.3, 39.3] The Bombardment
Krik'thir the Gatewatcher [67.4, 58.2] Mord'rethar: The Death Gate Ground level
Prince Taldaram [29.5, 62.1] Fleshwerks
Elder Nadox [44.2, 49.2] Icecrown Glacier
Noth the Plaguebringer [31.7, 70.4] Fleshwerks
Patchwerk [36.5, 68.0] Sanctum of Reanimation Cave mouth on map at Fleshwerks [34.4, 68.5]
Blood Queen Lana'thel [49.6, 32.3] Aldur'thar: The Desolation Gate Northwest
Professor Putricide [57.0, 30.5] Aldur'thar: The Desolation Gate Northeast
Lady Deathwhisper [51.2, 78.6] Icecrown Citadel Base of steps
Skadi the Ruthless [57.6, 56.0] Ymirheim
Ingvar the Plunderer [52.3, 52.5] Ymirheim
Prince Keleseth [53.9, 44.7] Aldur'thar: The Desolation Gate South end
Icecrown map
The Black Knight @ 64.8,22.1
Bronjahm @ 70.6,38.5
Lady Deathwhisper @ 51.2,78.6
Falric @ 50.2,88.1
Forgemaster Garfrost @ 58.9,72.7
Ingvar the Plunderer @ 52.3,52.5
Prince Keleseth @ 53.9,44.7
Krik'thir the Gatewatcher @ 67.4,58.2
Blood Queen Lana'thel @ 49.6,32.3
Marwyn @ 58.2,83.5
Elder Nadox @ 44.2,49.2
Noth the Plaguebringer @ 31.7,70.4
Novos the Summoner @ 77.4,66.0
Patchwerk @ 38.5,68.0
Professor Putricide @ 57.0,30.5
Skadi the Ruthless @ 57.6,56.0
Prince Taldaram @ 29.5,62.1
The Prophet Tharon'ja @ 80.4,61.4
Trollgore @ 58.3,39.3
Scourgelord Tyrannus @ 47.1,65.9


New quests in the quest chain unlock weekly and fill in some more information between the cinematic (Sylvanas shattering the Helm of Domination) and the beginning of the Shadowlands quests itself (in the Shadowlands intro experience). As players complete the final quest in week two, they will be awarded the feat of strength [Death Rising]. Two sets of daily quests are also unlocked as part of the campaign.


During Cause for Distraction, a pre-rendered cinematic plays:

Leader gossip

At the capitals, various faction leaders all have special gossip text:


Master Mathias Shaw
The king was taken on my watch. I should've had more agents assigned to him. This is what happens when I let my guard down. When I allow my--
<Shaw takes a deep breath.>
No, damn it. This was her doing. I won't blame myself for finding happiness. Anduin would be the first to tell me that.
We're going to find him. The others, too. Whatever it takes.
Taelia Fordragon
I was at the Lord Admiral's side when those monsters came for her.
They struck fast. She could hardly cast a spell before their chains enveloped her. She fought all she could, but it wasn't enough.
I... I couldn't stop them.
But by the tides, I swear I'll see this through. No matter where I have to go, or what I have to face.
Shandris Feathermoon
It seems my mother was the only target who avoided capture.
I should give thanks to Elune for such a blessing.
<Shandris's brow furrows.>
Yes, my minn'do laid waste to the dark manifestations the Banshee sent for her. But the power she displayed, the ferocity she unleashed, something about it was... troubling.
She knew there was a price to be paid for undertaking the ritual of the Night Warrior. With each day that passes, I fear the price will come due.


We had a happy life in Nagrand. A home. We were happy.
<Aggra looks wistfully into the distance>
But... Go'el needed to return. We all did. For the sake of the Horde. And for Saurfang.
The Banshee's forces took us by surprise. We fought fiercely, but it was not enough.
I know wherever they took him, Go'el will keep on fighting.
He would want me to stay behind and safeguard the children. So I ask you, <name>, to go in my stead.
Find him. Find them all. And bring them home.
Calia Menethil
When I worked with King Wrynn to arrange a meeting between the living and the undead in Arathi, I thought I understood the Forsaken. Only too late did I realize how little I knew.
But after being raised into undead myself, I have begun to se the depths of what they have endured. With the help of Lilian Voss, I have found ways to aid those who feel abandoned and alone.
Right now, the whole world trembles beneath the specter of death. And fear, left unchecked will consume every soul it touches.
I cannot allow that to happen. Not to the people of Lordaeron, nor to any who fight for the good of Azeroth.
Lilian Voss
The war has taught me many lessons. Who I could trust... and who I could not.
Though her actions, Sylvanas has proven that she doesn't about the Forsaken's fate. But we haven't endured too much to allow her betrayal to unravel what we have built.
<Lilian peers at you with narrow eyes.>
You think my words hash, <name>? Did you willfully do her bidding? Turn a blind eye to her endless atrocities?
Windrunner choose her path--and her allies. We all did.
Once, I would have sought vengeance. Retribution. But now, I only care that the Forsaken have a future. And for that, we need the right leaders in place.
I will lend my voice to the Horde Council and speak for my people. For a time, at least.
Mayla Highmountain
Baine endured so much during the war. He did all he could to make the Horde strong. But more than that, he fought to reclaim its heart, its honor.
The Banshee failed to break him, so of course she would lash like this. A cowardly attack was all she had left.
Baine means... a great deal to me. But my people--and his-- are gripped by fear. Now is not the time for me to leave them, even for his sake.
So I ask you, <name>, to fight to save him. As he fought to save the Horde.
Dis be a perilous time for de Horde. Our wounds still be fresh and de Banshee be inflictin' even fresher ones.
De Scourge be risin' too. If we don't be careful, Death gonna take hold of dis world. We all gotta stay vigilant.
Queen Talanji be back in Zuldazar, defendin' her kingdom. Don't know if ya heard, but she be facin' problems of her own.
De Horde gotta stand strong, <name>. No matter what be risin' from da shadows.


Argent Commendations

An [Argent Commendation] or three is awarded from one-time and daily quests in Icecrown. Commendations can be used to purchase a toy, a pet, and a set of item level 100 armor (with a new transmog). To purchase everything on one character, 170 commendations are required.

Vendors are located at:

Argent Commendation rewards
Item Cost Type
 [Anti-Doom Broom] 15 Argent Commendation Toy
 [Putrid Geist] 20 Argent Commendation Pet
Argent Conscript's Drape 15 Argent Commendation Cloth cloak
Argent Conscript's Treads 15 Argent Commendation Cloth feet
Argent Conscript's Gloves 15 Argent Commendation Cloth hands
Argent Conscript's Circlet 15 Argent Commendation Cloth head
Argent Conscript's Leggings 15 Argent Commendation Cloth legs
Argent Conscript's Robe 15 Argent Commendation Cloth chest
Argent Conscript's Mantle 15 Argent Commendation Cloth shoulder
Argent Conscript's Cord 15 Argent Commendation Cloth waist
Argent Conscript's Bracers 15 Argent Commendation Cloth wrist
Argent Conscript's Cloak 15 Argent Commendation Leather cloak
Argent Conscript's Boots 15 Argent Commendation Leather feet
Argent Conscript's Grips 15 Argent Commendation Leather hands
Argent Conscript's Cowl 15 Argent Commendation Leather head
Argent Conscript's Leggings 15 Argent Commendation Leather legs
Argent Conscript's Tunic 15 Argent Commendation Leather chest
Argent Conscript's Pauldrons 15 Argent Commendation Leather shoulder
Argent Conscript's Belt 15 Argent Commendation Leather waist
Argent Conscript's Wriststraps 15 Argent Commendation Leather wrist
Argent Conscript's Cape 15 Argent Commendation Mail cloak
Argent Conscript's Folded Boots 15 Argent Commendation Mail feet
Argent Conscript's Overgloves 15 Argent Commendation Mail hands
Argent Conscript's Helmet 15 Argent Commendation Mail head
Argent Conscript's Pants 15 Argent Commendation Mail legs
Argent Conscript's Mail Shirt 15 Argent Commendation Mail chest
Argent Conscript's Shoulderguards 15 Argent Commendation Mail shoulder
Argent Conscript's Cinch 15 Argent Commendation Mail waist
Argent Conscript's Wristclamps 15 Argent Commendation Mail wrist
 [Argent Conscript's Lined Cloak] 15 Argent Commendation Plate cloak
 [Argent Conscript's Greaves] 15 Argent Commendation Plate feet
 [Argent Conscript's Gauntlets] 15 Argent Commendation Plate hands
 [Argent Conscript's Greathelm] 15 Argent Commendation Plate head
 [Argent Conscript's Greaves] 15 Argent Commendation Plate legs
 [Argent Conscript's Breastplate] 15 Argent Commendation Plate chest
 [Argent Conscript's Spaulders] 15 Argent Commendation Plate shoulder
 [Argent Conscript's Buckle] 15 Argent Commendation Plate waist
 [Argent Conscript's Wristplates] 15 Argent Commendation Plate wrist

Boss drops

Icecrown respawned bosses drop 25-40x  [Pitch Black Scourgestone], a slim chance at dropping re-scaled loot, and an even slimmer shot at an  [Accursed Keepsake]:

Boss drops
Boss Item Type
The Black Knight  [Helm of the Violent Fracas] Plate head
 [Phantasmic Kris] Intellect dagger
 [Shoulderpads of the Notorious Knave] Leather shoulder
Bronjahm  [Cold Sweat Mitts] Cloth hands
 [Gaze of Bewilderment] Mail head
 [Grieving Gauntlets] Plate hands
 [Papa's Mint Condition Bag] 26-slot bag
Lady Deathwhisper  [Deathwhisper Vestment] Leather chest
 [Handgrips of Rime and Sleet] Mail hands
 [Shoulderpads of Corpal Rigidity] Cloth shoulder
Falric  [Bracer of Ground Molars] Cloth wrist
 [Legguards of the Frosty Fathoms] Plate legs
 [Valonforth's Marred Pauldrons] Plate shoulder
Forgemaster Garfrost  [Garfrost's Two-Ton Bludgeon] Strength two-hand mace
 [Legguards of the Frosty Fathoms] Plate legs
 [Ring of Carnelian and Sinew] Crit/mastery ring
Ingvar the Plunderer  [Annhylde's Band] Crit/haste ring
 [Ingvar's Monolithic Skullcleaver] Strength two-hand axe
 [Razor-Barbed Leather Belt] Leather waist
Prince Keleseth  [Drake Stabler's Gauntlets] Mail hands
 [Keleseth's Influencer] Fist weapon
 [Royal Crimson Cloak] Dodge cloak
Krik'thir the Gatewatcher  [Webrending Machete] Agility dagger
Blood Queen Lana'thel  [Bloodspatter] Agility polearm
 [Chestguard of Siphoned Vitality] Mail chest
 [Veincrusher Gauntlets] Plate hands
Marwyn  [Frayed Flesh-Stitched Shoulderguards] Cloth shoulder
 [Frostsworn Rattleshirt] Mail chest
 [Sightless Capuchin of Ulmaas] Cloth head
Elder Nadox  [Nerubian Aegis Ring] Haste/versatility ring
Noth the Plaguebringer  [Hailstone Loop] Versatility ring
 [Robes of Rasped Breaths] Cloth chest
Novos the Summoner  [Cuirass of Undeath] Plate chest
 [Necromantic Wristwraps] Mail wrist
 [Summoner's Granite Gavel] Strength one-hand mace
Patchwerk  [Cinch of the Tortured] Leather waist
 [Regurgitator's Shoulderpads] Mail shoulder
 [Severance of Mortality] Two-Hand axe
Professor Putricide  [Bag of Discarded Entrails] Leather head
 [Chestplate of Septic Sutures] Plate chest
 [Miniscule Abomination in a Jar] Melee trinket
Skadi the Ruthless  [Drake Rider's Jerkin] Leather chest
 [Skadi's Saronite Belt] Plate waist
 [Skadi's Scaled Sollerets] Mail feet
Prince Taldaram  [Blood-Drinker's Belt] Mail waist
 [Reforged Necklace of Taldaram] Crit neck
 [Taldaram's Supple Slippers] Leather feet
The Prophet Tharon'ja  [Breeches of the Skeletal Serpent] Leather legs
 [Phantasmic Seal of the Prophet] Crit/versatility ring
 [Tharon'ja's Protectorate] Shield
Trollgore  [Cowl of the Rampaging Troll] Cloth head
 [Troll Gorer] Strength two-hand sword
Scourgelord Tyrannus  [Fringed Wyrmleather Leggings] Leather legs
 [Protector of Stolen Souls] Shield
 [Rimewoven Pantaloons] Cloth legs

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