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Deathbone Guardian

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Deathbone Guardian is the plate Scholomance instance set. It was intended for either plate-wearing classes that intend to tank. As of patch 5.0.4, it is no longer available due to the reworking of Scholomance, but a reasonable transmogrification set can be assembled.


The pieces were dropped by the six Bosses before Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance:



Deathbone Guardian


There are several transmogrification sets that use the same model and pattern as Deathbone Guardian. They use varying color schemes. The original Deathbone Guardian set was a combination of blue-purple and gray-black pieces.

None of these sets have items for all six slots (shoulders, chest, hands, waist, legs, and feet) but some have enough pieces that a good-looking set can be assembled.

  • Deathbone Guardian (Dark) - Uses a blue-purple color scheme. Almost complete; missing the waist.
  • Deathbone Guardian (Black) - Uses a gray-black color scheme. Missing shoulders.
  • Deathbone Guardian (Frost) - Uses a blue-cyan color scheme. Mostly unavailable.
  • Deathbone Guardian (Sky) - Uses a turquoise-gold color scheme. Mostly unavailable.
  • Zandalari Vindicator Plate - Uses a blue-red color scheme.
  • Deathbone Guardian (Green) - Uses a yellow-green color scheme. Mostly unavailable.

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