Deathstalker Maltendis

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HordeDeathstalker Maltendis
Image of Deathstalker Maltendis
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 16
Health 454
Affiliation(s) Tranquillien, Deathstalkers
Location Ghostlands [45, 32]
Status Active

Deathstalker Maltendis is a level 16 quest giver located at Tranquillien in the blood elf territory of Ghostlands.



  • The High Executor is a very busy man, <class>. Maybe I can help you with whatever you need?
  • You've done us exemplary service, <name>. Between dealing with the gnolls at the Underlight Mines, and the mummified trolls in the Amani Catacombs, you've dealt a mighty blow to our enemies!
We should get together for drinks sometime, what do you say?

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