Deathwhisper Shadowcaster

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MobDeathwhisper Shadowcaster
Image of Deathwhisper Shadowcaster
Title <Cult of the Damned>
Race Undead (Humanoid)
Level 80 Elite
Class Warlock
Health 80,640
105,000 (Heroic)
Mana 8814
Affiliation(s) Cult of the Damned
Occupation Shadowcaster
Location Pit of Saron, Icecrown Citadel
Status Killable

Deathwhisper Shadowcasters can be found in the Pit of Saron in Icecrown Citadel. They are accompanied by a Deathwhisper Torturer and two Hungering Ghouls southwest of the pit.


  • Spell shadow shadowbolt.png  Shadow Bolt (Heroic mode) 40 yd range — Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting Shadow damage. 3 sec cast. 5100-6900 damage. 10200-13800 on Heroic.
  • Spell shadow seedofdestruction.png  Seed of Corruption (Heroic mode) 30 yd range — Imbeds a demon seed in the enemy target, causing 1500 Shadow damage over 18 sec. When the target takes 2500 total damage, the seed will detonate, inflicting Shadow damage to all enemies within 10 yards of the target. 2 sec cast. 250/3s for 18s, 2500 trigger on Heroic

Patches and hotfixes

Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.3.0 (2009-12-08): Added

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