Debilitating Eye

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MobDebilitating Eye
Image of Debilitating Eye
Race Guardian eye (Demon)
Level 110 - 112
Health 2,078,534
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Location Isle of the Watchers, Azsuna; Broken Shore
Status Killable

Debilitating Eyes are guardian eyes accompanying Beguiled Inquisitors located on the Isle of the Watchers in Azsuna.

Dread Auditors on the Dreadex above the Broken Shore is accompanied by them. They are also summoned by Inquisitor Chillbane.

All-Seer Xanarian in the Antoran Wastes also has one.[citation needed]  They detect stealth and patrol around the inquisitors.


  • Debilitating Blast - Fires a constant stream of corrupt magic at a target, inflicting Shadow damage over $222526.

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