Debriefing (Horde)

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81 (Requires 80)



For the Alliance version, see A [81] Debriefing.


Speak to Gurrok and learn about his ordeal.

  • Gurrok Debriefed


This warrior was near death, but I fear we do not have the time to await his full recovery. He has information we desperately need to know.

Be patient with him, but keep him talking until we've learned all that we can.

With luck we might discover just what we're up against...


Well, it's not encouraging, but it's something...


It makes no sense, but those vermin are going to great lengths to keep our troops alive...

Gossip Tell me your name, orc.

I am Gurrok, of Hellscream's Vanguard.

Gossip How did you get down here?

We had them!
Wretched Alliance ships... we could've cut a path to Stormwind and put an end to them!
...But out of nowhere, gigantic tentacles reached up and seized our ship... broke it right in two!
The survivors... we were captured by naga as soon as we hit the water.

Gossip Tell us about your captors, Gurrok.

Strange that the naga would go out of their way to keep us alive.
They create prisons from mystical pearls - cells that allowed us to breathe, but little else...
They ship the prisoners off... somewhere.
Never see them again....

Gossip How were you able to get away?

One of our warriors broke free and smashed many of the prisons... we were free - at least for a moment.
Some swam up toward the surface... some saw this cave and swam for it.
I'm the only one that lived...

Gossip Did you see Nazgrim and his troops?

I do not know what became of them.
There was a constant flow of captives. Horde and Alliance, both - all barely alive.
They must've been hauled away beyond the trench, or they have perished.

Gossip What is there to report of these beasts, Gurrok? How do we defeat them?

Their numbers are too many to count. Their defenses look impenetrable.
I saw no weaknesses to exploit, <race>.


  1. N [81] A Desperate Plea
  2. N [81] Undersea Sanctuary
  3. B [81] Spelunking
  4. B [81] Debriefing
  5. N [81] Wake of Destruction
  6. N [81] Come Hell or High Water
  7. N [81] The Warden's Time

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