Deceivers In Our Midst

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NeutralDeceivers In Our Midst
Start Feronas Sindweller
End Feronas Sindweller
Level 48 (Requires 46)
Category Felwood
Experience 6,290
Previous N [48] The Fall of Tichondrius
Next N [48] Navarax's Gambit


Slay 12 Jadefire Shifters in Jadefire Run.


Now that you've had a lesson in keeping an open mind, perhaps you'd like to learn WHY I killed those druids.

The answer is simple: They are not druids at all.

Demons still roam the ruins, now hiding in plain sight in the guise of friendly caretakers. See for yourself...this blindfold is soaked in demon blood. Take it north up the hills to Jadefire Run and place it on your eyes. It will show even the most oblivious fool the true nature of any demon.


Enough! Your enthusiasm is impressive, but foolish. Gazing through the veil for too long without practice will break your mind.

The rest will be mine, <name>. For now, I summon you back to me.


  • 70s


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


  1. Complete all of:
  2. Complete both these quest chains:
  3. A [49] The Denmother / H [49] Back to Business (optional breadcrumbs to Talonbranch Glade/Irontree Clearing)

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