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Decoded Messages are a series of readable items occasionally found in  [Blingtron 5000 Gift Package], supplied by  [Blingtron 5000]. These cryptic messages piece together to spell out a dark and troubling backstory to the Blingtron series, describing a vast underground War being fought outside the awareness of the organic lifeforms of Azeroth.

The items are:

Messages in order

Decoded Message 001-003

Unidentified threats have attacked Peacekeeper 011 units in deepest caves of the Magnetic Chasm. Initiate protocol 54.

Decoded Message 001-014

121,172 robo-units have been assembled and now march to face unknown threat in the Magnetic Chasm below the Molten Eternium Sea. Increase generosity circuits in all Blingtron units to minimize organic awareness.

Decoded Message 001-107

Allied destruction total has increased to 64%. Request supplies.

Decoded Message 001-111

Massive shipment of Alarm-o-Bots received, disassembled, and reconstructed as frag grenades.

Decoded Message 001-119

The virus infecting our units has been identified: a clockwork assembly system hack. Because it appears to be beneficial in many ways, the robot will accept it readily, until it begins to corrupt their AI by overloading generosity circuits. There is no known way to nullify the effect without destroying the host. Do not hesitate.

Your Leader (0x0001)

Decoded Message 001-150

A single de-weaponized companion unit was fitted with a Stealthman 54z, enabling it to appear harmless and bypass the enemy's significant security systems. It has identified the enemy's leader with a 73.4% accuracy. The enemy leader is monstrous in size and calls itself iR-T0. No further information was obtained.

Decoded Message 001-159

Organic awareness of The War is growing too quickly. Above-ground units possibly infected. Seed plans for next-gen Blingtron remote to call on veteran units that can assess and destroy.

Decoded Message 001-168

Gift supply decreasing to inadequate levels. Use of war surplus authorized.

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