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HordeDeep Cover

21 (Requires 20)





Travel to the Venture Co. Tower, north of the Sludge Fen and contact the Shattered Hand's covert operative, Taskmaster Fizzule.

When the tower is in sight, use the Flare Gun to signal your arrival to Taskmaster Fizzule. Fire off TWO flares, then approach Taskmaster Fizzule and perform the Shattered /Salute.

These actions must be performed in the correct order, as Fizzule will attack and terminate any person he does not recognize.

Provided Item:


The Venture Company... Perhaps you have heard of them?

For one year we have worked on planting an agent deep within their ranks. Through much hard work and careful planning, we succeeded.

Recently we received word that the Venture Co. are planning something on a grand scale. Go north of the Sludge Fen to the Venture Co. tower and contact our undercover agent, Taskmaster Fizzule.

When you find the tower, use this flare gun, then approach Fizzule and show him the salute of the Shattered Hand.


You will receive:
Inv misc pipe 01.png [Fizzule's Whistle]


It's good to see another agent of the Shattered Hand in these parts, however, the flare may have been a little too much!

Next time you need to speak with me, blow into this whistle twice and I'll know you are an ally.


Upon accept
<Name>, pay very close attention to what I do and follow my instructions precisely. To not heed my words is to sign your own death warrant, as Taskmaster Fizzule is VERY well versed in the ways of the warrior and the assassin.
After you get his attention - and you can be certain that if he sees you near the tower, you'll have his undue attention - face him and perform the Shattered /Salute. Let me demonstrate....

This used to be the second quest in the series that results in the player learning the Poisons skill. Since patch 3.0.2 there is no Poison skill.


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