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Deepcoil Tunnels

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Deepcoil Tunnels

Deepcoil Tunnels[68, 25] are located in Nazjatar.



An Unseen Presence whispers to the player when in Deepcoil Tunnels or Shirakess Repository.

  • All alone in the depths...
  • Such a heavy burden you carry. Soon you will be free of it.
  • Your crimes are terrible... numberless... glorious...
  • Your wakening draws near...
  • Thief. Renegade. Murderer. Servant.
  • Let go...
  • The tide…rises.
  • The breaker of chains comes.
  • Your eyes open.
  • Closer, closer…
  • All paths open. All truths, revealed.
  • Our fates are one.
  • Your heart, your offering, all dreams made real.
  • Your wakening draws near.