Deepscale Ravager

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MobDeepscale Ravager
Image of Deepscale Ravager
Race Saurok (Humanoid)
Level 9
Reaction Hostile
Affiliation(s) Deepscale tribe
Location Wreck of the Skyseeker, Wandering Isle
Status Killable

Deepscale Ravagers are swarming the Wreck of the Skyseeker after Ji's plan to blow up the airship in N [9] Risking It All worked!

As a result of the massive explosion, a huge gash has opened up in Shen-zin Su, so the healers of the Alliance and Horde forces on the Wandering Isle have banded together in an attempt to close the wound. The Deepscale Fleshrippers and Ravagers are not going to allow this, however, so fend them off in N [9] The Healing of Shen-zin Su.


  • During the beta, they were called Deep Sea Ravagers.

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