Deepscale Tormentor

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MobDeepscale Tormentor
Image of Deepscale Tormentor
Race Saurok (Humanoid)
Level 9
Health 352
Reaction Hostile
Affiliation(s) Deepscale tribe
Location Wreck of the Skyseeker, Wandering Isle
Status Killable

Deepscale Tormentors can be found at the Wreck of the Skyseeker of the Wandering Isle. They attack the unnamed Alliance triage camp, fighting against the Skyseeker Sailors.


  • Smash - The caster smashes their weapon onto the ground in front of them. Enemies in the area suffer 285% weapon damage as Physical damage. The force of the swing causes the weapon to imbed itself into the ground. The caster must spend 3 sec freeing their weapon before they can resume combat.

Objective of


  • In the beta, they were originally named Deep Sea Tormentors.

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