Defender Barrem

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NeutralDefender Barrem
Image of Defender Barrem
Gender Male
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 100 - 110
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location First to Your Aid and Magus Commerce Exchange, Dalaran [37, 35]
Status Alive

Defender Barrem is a draenei soldier who was grievously wounded during the battle for the Broken Shore. He was taken to the Burning Legion-controlled world of Niskara, where he shared a cell with another draenei named Alora, though the two later managed to escape back to Azeroth. While Barrem managed to reach the safety of the sea, Alora tripped and was dragged back by the demons. Barrem was found floating in the sea by a patrol and was taken to First to Your Aid in Dalaran to recover from his wounds.

As he mentioned the name "T'uure" in his delirious sleep — apparently having dreamt of Alora, who claimed to have seen the staff — he is sought out by a priest adventurer in search of the artifact, who succeeds in cleansing him of his felcursed wounds and restoring his health. Barrem then directs the adventurer to Darkstone Isle off the Broken Shore to find Alora, as that is the place where the two of them emerged after escaping from Niskara.


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