Defender of the Broken Isles

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Defender of the Broken Isles is earned after completing the legion assault scenario in each of the zones listed. To start the scenario 4 world quests must be completed during a Legion Assault.

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Legion Assaults Removed from Pathfinder | 2017-04-06 09:04 | Blizzard Entertainment Ornyx

We’ve heard a lot of feedback and it’s clear to us that the cyclical Assaults schedule, and the design of the "do all 4" achievement for Pathfinder, weren’t compatible.

World Quests come and go all the time during the day too, while people are at work or asleep, and it's not a big deal because they're largely interchangeable. But that would change if we had an achievement required for Pathfinder that asked you to do a specific checklist of world quests. A lot of the stress and concern about "missing" individual Assaults is tied to this achievement, so we’re removing the achievement from Pathfinder via hotfix.

Once this hotfix is active, you will only need to reach Revered with the Armies of Legionfall and fully explore the Broken Shore to earn Legion flying.

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