Defense of Karabor

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Defense of Karabor
Defense of Karabor
Conflict: War in Draenor
Place: Shadowmoon Valley (alternate universe)
Outcome: Council of Exarchs victory.
  • Iron Horde repelled from Karabor
  • Death of the Prophet.
  • Ner'zhul goes into hiding
  • Draenei maintain control of the Temple
  • Dark Star cleansed

Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
  • Moderate
  • Heavy

The Defense of Karabor was an Iron Horde offensive in order to conquer the entirety of Draenor. It ended with the defense being successful for the Council of Exarchs.


It all started when Ner'zhul was contacted by Grom and made him an offer. He either join the Iron Horde with a weapon equal to their arsenal or face the extinction of his clan. Wanting to save his clan, he tapped in the forbidden art known as the void. Grom was pleased.

The Dark Star

When testing his new powers, he remembered of the being his ancestors talked about and decided to use it for the Iron Horde fro the upcoming battle. However, he required living draenei to control and summon it. Sacrifice living subjects helped summon Large beings of the Void.

The Prophet's Concern

Velen knew that something was up and gathered certain ingredients to see a vision of the future. In the vision, he saw the fall of Karabor and his death if the Dark Star was summoned. He knew that stopping Ner'zhul would be the number one priority.

Confronting Ner'zhul

After some searching, they were able to locate him but it was too late. The Dark Star was summoned and Ner'zhul flees. To save his people, Velen sacrifices himself to purifies the Dark Star, which is relieved to be a Naaru.

Assault on Karabor

The Iron Horde have already begun their attack and Maraad was the one who stay behind and held them back. He did a good job but was eventually driven out of the temple. With the help of Fey dragon and Yrel. They where able to push them back to the Harbor. It was there where Commander Vorka confronted them and met his end. After this, the now cleansed Naaru appears and destroys the Iron Horde Fleet.