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The Defilers seek to claim Arathi Basin's valuable resources for the Horde.
Main leader
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The Forsaken Defilers seek to foil the AllianceLeague of Arathor in the Battleground Arathi Basin and claim it for the Horde. They not only try to secure the Arathi Basin food and supplies for the Forsaken forces, but to weaken the Alliance forces there as well. They seem to show no true loyalty to the Horde forces in Hammerfall, who are more interested in eliminating the Ogre and Witherbark tribes, but to the Forsaken, who wish to destroy the remaining humans in Lordaeron.


Reputation is gained through participation in the Arathi Basin battleground. When you fight in Arathi Basin you earn 16 reputation each 260 resources (=6 ticks per win). On Arathi Basin holiday weekends the required resources is reduced to 200 (=8 ticks per win). Thus granting 96 rep per won Arathi Basin battle and 128 rep on holiday weekends.



The following quests are available from Deathmaster Dwire in Hammerfall, Arathi Highlands:

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