Deliah Andrean

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Gender Female
Race Human
Location Decrepit Ferry, Silverpine Forest
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Raleigh Andrean (husband)

Deliah Andrean, the wife of Raleigh Andrean, lived in Brill and was murdered by her friend Valdred Moray.[1] She was buried in a mass grave near Brill, but her body was stolen by Rot Hide gnolls and taken to the Decrepit Ferry in Silverpine Forest. Her hand in the Corpse Laden Boat starts the quest H [16] Rot Hide Clues, where you have to take her ring to her husband. Her Forsaken husband Raleigh Andrean has no more feelings for her, but wants revenge.[1]

Due to her hand being pockmarked by the plague, she was likely either undead or in the process of becoming undead before she was murdered by Valdred.


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