Demon Detainment

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NeutralDemon Detainment

100 - 110 (Requires 98)




Item level 680 waists and trinkets
15g 40s


N [100 - 110] Shiny, But Deadly
N [100 - 110] The Soulkeeper's Fate


Weaken demons so Apprentice Rosalyn can trap them within a soul chamber.


The demons that escaped must be detained. Killing them is not an option. Uriah was entrusted to deliver the prisoners to Allari for interrogation, and I will not let him fail.

I've seen Uriah trap many demons. It seems... complicated, but I think I can pull it off. I'll just need you to subdue them first.


You will be able to choose between one of two quest rewards: a waist or trinket, both of which change depending on your armor type and specialization.

Inv misc questionmark.png Drogstitch Girdle Inv misc questionmark.png Snowblind Waistwrap
Inv misc questionmark.png Thunderpeak Greatbelt Inv misc questionmark.png Whitewater Links
Inv 60pvp trinket1c.png [Courage of Uriah] Inv misc questionmark.png Solace of Uriah
Inv misc questionmark.png Warmth of Uriah

You will also receive: 15g 40s (level 100)


You must weaken the demons so I am able to trap them.


Thank you for your help, <name>. I will honor Uriah's memory by completing our journey to Azsuna and delivering the demon prisoners to Allari as planned.


  • 14,800 XP (level 100)


Upon accepting the quest, you will be given the "Rosalyn Is Near" buff, which causes Apprentice Rosalyn to follow you around the Mucksnout Den and aid you in combat.

Apprentice Rosalyn says: Together we will imprison these demons once again.

In order to allow Rosalyn to detain the demons, you will need to bring them down to around 30% health, at which point they become stunned by Rosalyn's "Detainment" spell.

Apprentice Rosalyn says: The demon is weak enough for me to begin the containment spell. This should only take a moment.

Upon finishing the spell:

Apprentice Rosalyn says: The demon has been secured.

Note that the demons cannot be reduced below 1% health as long as you are accompanied by Rosalyn.

Lozar, an imp, can be found wandering around in the southwesternmost corner of the cave, close to the starting point for the quest. [38.8, 45.6]

Lozar says: You'll never get me back into that crystal!

Next, head north across the wooden bridge.

Apprentice Rosalyn says: I can sense a demon presence... Above us, <name>, on the ledge!

Cross the bridge and then follow the western ledge to the top, where the doomguard Xorias can be found standing in a lava pool. [41, 41]

Xorias says: I will not be contained!

Finally, head to the northernmost part of the den, where the wrathguard Ezerak can be found standing in front of several large fel rock formations. [41.4, 38.6]

Ezerak says: You don't have the power to stop me!

After completing the quest, Rosalyn runs off into the distance on her hawkstrider mount and permanently disappears from the cave.

Apprentice Rosalyn says: Safe travels, <name>.


  1. N [100 - 110] Shiny, But Deadly & N [100 - 110] The Soulkeeper's Fate
  2. N [100 - 110] Demon Detainment

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