Demoniac Scryer (object)

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NeutralDemoniac Scryer
Image of Demoniac Scryer
Race Object (Uncategorized)
Level 60
Health 9,958
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Hellfire Basin, Hellfire Peninsula

Demoniac Scryer is a crystal that you summon as part of the quest in which you must protect it from Hellfire Wardlings and Fel Warden in Hellfire Basin of Hellfire Peninsula, while it channels several beams on floating dark masses around.

Objective of

Protect for the quest H [61G] The Demoniac Scryer.

When the crystal completes its task, the creature inside the crystal, will take over your body and with your own hand write out the [Demoniac Scryer Reading] to be given to Apothecary Antonivich.


"Greetings, <Class>. If I might be so bold, may I remind you that -- while I attune myself to the magics of Hellfire Citadel -- there will undoubtedly be Hellfire wardens biting at my proverbial heels!
So, do be an upstanding member of your Horde and play the part of the hero... and protect me!"
Hellfire Wardling says: An intruder! Begone!
Fel Warden says: Die, interloper! Your puny device cannot pierce the dark magics of Hellfire Citadel!
"Success! I have attuned myself to Hellfire Citadel and the magic within. Ah, such power!
There are countless fel orcs in that place... but that is not all! I sense demonic power within those walls as well...
If you open yourself, then I shall grasp your mind -- briefly, mind you -- and take quill to parchment and record my findings for you..."
Gossip "Yes, Scryer. You may possess me."

After that you gain the "Demonaic Visitation" debuff "A dark presence is within you..." lasts two minutes.

When it expires.
Demoniac Visitation whispers: Thank you for allowing me to visit, <Name>. You have a very colorful soul, but it's a little brighter than I prefer... or I might have stayed longer!

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