Demoniac Scryer Reading

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This item is created after accessing the  [Demoniac Scryer] in the Hellfire Basin behind Hellfire Peninsula.

As a quest objective

This item is an objective of H [61G] The Demoniac Scryer.


Demoniac Scryer Reading


First, let me say that your latest agent, <name>, has performed <his/her> duties much to my satisfaction. I have taken possession of <his/her> body and now write this with <his/her> own hand. Such amusement it gives me -- I hope that one day I will have the fortune to possess you, oh mighty apothecary!

So, the report as you have commanded of me: Hellfire Citadel is haunted by a demon stronger than any I have encountered. I imagine that Mannoroth -- the Pit Lord of the Third Great War's fame -- possessed the same strength, but very few do. I sense, however, that there is an air of confinement around this demon. It would not surprise me if it was acting against its will, or is perhaps imprisoned, or is under the sway of an even greater power.

Time will tell...

Time will tell, as they say, for I have also sensed a shifting of fate within the walls of Hellfire Citadel.

You, the immigrants from Azeroth -- that green, lush, horrid place where beings such as myself find a hell of Light and life -- will see that demon's face. And you will realize that the evils within Hellfire Citadel are but the tip of -- if you will permit the metaphor -- a vast iceberg.

Oh, what glorious battles lay ahead! If only I could be there to taste the pain and fear that will be wrought!

Ah well, I shall end my prosaic waxing and you let you chew on these words, dear Apothecary: your body may be dead, Antonivich, but your soul is still very much intact, and I shall have that soul and feast upon it with sublime relish on the day your defenses slip...and I find my way into you!

I shall wait until the Fourth Day of Judgement if I must, but... you will be mine!

Good evening,

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