Demoralized Peon

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HordeDemoralized Peon
Image of Demoralized Peon
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 7-30
Location Warsong Labor Camp, Ashenvale[72.2, 82.2]

Demoralized Peons are level 18-19 peons who are supposed to be cutting down wood in near the Warsong Labor Camp in Ashenvale, however the constant night elf attacks, have left the peons reluctant to venture into the woods.

Objective of

A male Demoralized Peon
  • Getting the peons back to work and defending them from night elf attacks is the objective of H [21] Management Material.


When ordering the peons back to work they have a number of different quotes:

  • Demoralized Peon says: Here I go! Keep an eye out....
  • Demoralized Peon says: Hmm. You don't look very tough... but okay.
  • Demoralized Peon says: I have bad feeling about this....
  • Demoralized Peon says: I'm trusting you... Don't let me die!
  • Demoralized Peon says: There you go, <race>.
  • Demoralized Peon says: Watch my back, <race>!
  • Demoralized Peon says: You keep a lookout, <race>! The elfs are everywhere!
  • Demoralized Peon says: You not gunna let me die, huh? Okay, then...
  • Demoralized Peon says: You stay close, <race>. And don't let elfs near me!

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