Den of the Cold Eye

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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The Den of the Cold Eye is made up of a series of natural caves on Plunder Isle's northeast side, near the shore. Basilisks favor these cool caves. The complex draws its name from the frightening attacks of these creatures. In these caves, statues of ill-fated adventurers are particularly prevalent.

Ogrik Wolfclaw, a shaman from Orgrimmar, tasked a group of adventurers to find his sister on Plunder Isle. She had been transformed into a statue and Ogrik entrusted the adventurers with a box, supposedly full of spirits that will turn flesh back to stone, stating to open it when they were near her. If they could not find her alive, or were unable to restore her, they were instructed instead to recover her axe, which is a Wolfclaw family heirloom.

Once on the island, the adventurers found out Ogrik's sister had been indeed turned to stone, and her statue now existed in the Den of the Cold Eye. Problems arose when the heroes opened the box and the spirits stroke throughout the complex, restoring all those who were once stone. Anarchy reign as the disparate groups battled for the cave' treasure, fighting out old rivalries, and desperately trying to avoid being turned to stone again. Complicating matters further, Ogrik's sister turn out to be a traitor who was planning on slaying Ogrik and taking his valuable shamanistic materials when she returned.[1]