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100 (Requires 100)




15g 40s


B [100] The Train Gang


Collect Explosive Charges and a Detonator.


Several orcs have spoken out since Gul'dan assumed control. Some were taken prisoner. Among them is an engineering prodigy: Solog Roark, "The Iron Shipwright." He designed these docks as well as the great dreadnaughts of the orcish fleet. If my scouts are right, he's in that prison train as we speak... And he may be ready to defect!

Gather explosives and meet with Yrel at the train to the southeast!


You will receive: 15g 40s


Commander, it's you! Naielle promised she would send someone.


Roark is definitely in this prisoner train but it's locked tight. We'll have to - oh - you brought explosives? Naielle thinks of everything! Let's crack this car open and see if we can convince that engineer to defect...



This quest can be obtained at the Iron Docks or at Rangari Refuge, with the dialogue unchanged.

The explosives nearest to the Alliance reclamation point is extremely difficult to get, even if you can fly. Not only is it far off the beaten path to the west, it's guarded by two stationed orcs and an ogron, assuming you don't aggro the pathing orc, or time it horribly and have the pathing ogron from the north sneak up behind you. ONLY DO THIS IF YOU WANT A CHALLENGE.

However, you can instead take the explosive set for the Horde-side quest.

If you can't fly:

Once you get the detonator at (51.42, 14.31) jump into the harbor and swim to the rope ladder at (54.10, 17.13). There is an ogron that paths here; you can get past once he gets all the way west and stands there. If you want to be extra sure, you can wait or follow him to the east and he'll turn the corner to continue on to the crane.

Continue on past Yrel and the train to the end of the tracks and just around the left corner (to the west), where the explosives is guarded by a single grunt.

There is a rope ladder at the end of this dock, (55.49, 14.80) that you could use to get here, but unless you have a reliable stealth ability, you will have to fight several mobs at once.

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