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Image of Dertrok
Gender Male
Race Mok'Nathal (Humanoid)
Level 62
Health 3,400
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Mok'Nathal Clan
Location Mok'Nathal Village[75, 62]
Status Alive

Dertrok is a level 62 quest giver located at the Mok'Nathal Village in Blade's Edge Mountains. After he gains a  [Charged Vekh'nir Crystal] he uses it to make Cansis believe he is and act like a chicken. After Cansis breaks out of the trance he promises to break Dertrok's neck if he ever does that again.

Dertrok also sends Horde adventurers to test out each of his four wands on an Arakkoa Ogre Slave, and then sends them to Timeon at Evergrove.


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