Desperate Prayer (quest)

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AllianceDesperate Prayer

10 (Requires 10)



Speak to High Priestess Laurena in Stormwind.


High Priest Rohan

Time's come for you to head to Stormwind, <name>. High Priestess Laurena in the Cathedral of Light wants to speak to you. Gotta be somethin' really good or really bad for the High Priestess to want you there personally, but I'm guessin' you've only done well for yourself and it's a good thing that she wants to speak to ya.

But don't waste too much time 'round here. I'd head there as soon as you can.

Night elf

Praise be to Elune, and to your Light, <name>.

About this time, many of our order learn abilities reflecting their faith in Elune. If knowledge serves me, I believe the same holds true for your order also.

When your business in Darnassus is complete, I would seek out one of your High Priestesses for further training.

Night elf

Elune bless you, good <race>. I hope your Light finds you and protects you well this day.

One of your priests was here not long ago looking for you. He mentioned you returning to the Cathedral of Light as soon as possible to speak with High Priestess Laurena. It seems you've done well to garner such attention. I wouldn't spend too much time here--your people have need of you.

Nara Meideros

Just a short time ago, one of your priests was here looking for you, <race>. He said that if I were to see you, I should direct you towards the Cathedral of Light. He said it was very important, but I would not be overly concerned if I were you. His demeanor seemed positive... as though it were good news. I wouldn't take too long in making my way there if I were you.

Elune be with you, good <race>.


You're needed in Stormwind, <name>. The High Priestess there, Laurena, says it's time for you to prove you're worthy of the next level of your training. Don't waste too much time finding your way there. You can find her in the Cathedral of Light in the center of the city. Give her my regards, and prove how worthy you are of such a calling. The Light be with you, <name>.


You've caught the attention of our superiors, <name>. They've asked you travel to the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind as soon as possible. Apparently they feel you've proven yourself already and are prepared to further your training. When you get there, find High Priestess Laurena. She will be able to guide you further. Good luck, and may the Light be with you.


I'm glad you've arrived, <name>. There are many things we will have to discuss, but more importantly is your training in the ways of the Light.

There are lessons all servants of the Light must learn. If you are ready, we'll begin discussing some of those now.


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