Destructive Reach

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Destructive Reach
Spell shadow corpseexplode.png
  • Destructive Reach (2 ranks)
  • Destruction, Tier 5
  • Increases the range of your Destruction spells by 10/20% and reduces threat caused by Destruction spells by 10/20%.
Class Warlock
Tree Destruction
Points required 20
Affects All Destruction spells: [Shadow Bolt], [Immolate] and other fire damage spells, etc.

Destructive Reach is a warlock talent which increases the range of Destruction spells and reduces their threat.


Most spells have a range of 30 yards, so this increases the range to 33 and 36 yards.

The counterpart to this talent in the Affliction tree is [Grim Reach].

The extra range granted by this talent gives the warlock a useful advantage by increasing the amount of time available to cast a spell before a mob or PvP opponent can close the distance to attack.

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