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Deuce Mecha-Buffer

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NeutralDeuce Mecha-Buffer
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Title <Announcer>
Gender Male
Race Mechagon mechagnome (Mechanical)
Level 120
Health 19,072,746 (M)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Location Operation: Mechagon

Deuce Mecha-Buffer is a Mechagon mechagnome located in Operation: Mechagon.

Objective of


  • A stunning victory for the surface dwellers! But... we're still throwing them out with the trash!
  • But not to worry! I'll stop at nothing to give you the play by play!
  • Knock... out...
  • Let's get mobilized for mayhem!
  • Looks like yours truly has joined the tussle!
  • Now this is a statistical anomaly! Our visitors are still alive!
  • The Platinum Pummeler and Gnomercy 4.U.!
  • Time to introduce them to the legends of the Tussle Tonks arena!
  • Trash! Trash! Trash! Trash! Trash!
  • Whoaaah! Gadgets and cogs... we've got a highly unusual development!

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