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For strategy on the Spires of Ascension encounter, see Devos (tactics).
Image of Devos
Title Paragon of Loyalty, Paragon of Doubt
Gender Female
Race Kyrian (Humanoid)
Level 60 Elite
Health 425k
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Ascended (ostensibly), Forsworn (de facto)
Location Bastion
Student(s) Uther

Devos is one of the Paragons of the Ascended kyrian. During the course of the Bastion storyline, she is revealed as one of the leaders of the Forsworn.


Uther and Arthas

When the human paladin Uther the Lightbringer was killed by his student Arthas Menethil, Devos ferried his soul to Bastion and informed him that he had earned the opportunity to become one of the Ascended, a fact Uther struggled to accept. As time passed, Devos continued training Uther. Her fellow Paragon Thenios pointed out that this was beneath her station, but Devos replied that she was concerned that Uther's soul seemed broken and that this is why he was failing to let go of his memories and ascend. She even began wondering if the Lightbringer had been sent to Bastion by mistake.

Devos later discovered that Uther's soul had literally been wounded. When she touched the wound, she saw a vision of the paladin's death and recognized Arthas' blade, Frostmourne, as an instrument of the Maw. Devos immediately brought this news to the Archon, telling her that an agent wielding the power of the Maw was running rampant on a mortal world and posing a threat to Bastion. Furthermore, if Uther's memories had been purged as the path demanded, the kyrian would've never learned of this danger—in other words, the path was flawed. The Archon interrupted Devos, telling her that the Shadowlands depended on the kyrian carrying out their charge and that she had to abandon her rebellious course. In response, Devos returned to Uther and asked if he still wanted to punish Arthas. When Uther responded that he did, Devos prematurely transformed him into an Ascended and told him that on the moment of Arthas' death, the two would claim his soul.

When Arthas was defeated atop Icecrown Citadel, Devos and Uther claimed his soul. Devos urged Uther to cast Arthas into the Maw and return him to the darkness he served. Uther hesitated, remembering that Arthas had once been his student, but Devos urged him to take his vengeance and finally convinced him to do as she said.[1]

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