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This article is about the Shadowlands race. For other creatures, see devourer of souls and Devourer (RPG).
Not to be confused with the gorm, a similar-looking race of anima-eating creatures.

Devourers are creatures found in the Shadowlands. Presumed to have their origins in the In-Between,[1] they crawl forth from the cracks between the realms and have a voracious appetite for anima.[2][3] Little is known of their origins, but all denizens of the Shadowlands see their recent boldness as a sign of the end times.[2] They can be found infesting several places in the Shadowlands, such as Everdawn Terrace in Bastion, the Sepulcher of Knowledge in Maldraxxus, the Elder Stand in Ardenweald, and the Endmire, Catacombs of Regret, and Banewood in Revendreth.[4][5]

They come in three variants: giant-like creatures referred to as worldeaters or gormandizers; a slightly smaller, hunched version referred to as gorgers or gluttons; and small, flying insect-like creatures called mites or animites.