Digging Through the Past (Horde)

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HordeDigging Through the Past

120 (Requires 120)




5g 85s




H Jewelcrafting [120] A Rocky Start



Ask Examiner Alerinda for her book of Primordial Races: Runes and Writings. Ask Koatini for his Scrolls of the Stonefather. And ask Chronicler Shoopa for the The Dungard Codex.


Let's see, Examiner Alerinda has a book on ancient runes and carvings. I think Koatini has a few scrolls he brought with him from Ulduar.

OH! And Chronicler Shoopa found a codex de last time he ventured out. I remember seeing de runes on it and dey look a lot like de ones in dis book.

Maybe you can convince dem to lend us dose books for a bit, and I think I can create a translation for you.


You will receive:

  • 5g 85s
  • 4,450 XP


How is de translation going?


Was he able to translate it?

<You hand the book over to Seshuli and she begins to read it.>

Dis is incredible. Dis earthen was able to create jewels with de light. And dose shrines he's built, I mean, he mentions building several of dem but...

<Seshuli pulls out a few maps and begins scaninng[sic] them.>


Examiner Alerinda is located within the Vault of Kings (the same room containing the Mythic+ weekly chest).

Gossip I'm looking for a book you have on runes and carvings. Could I borrow it?
Examiner Alerinda says: Oh yes, I believe it's here somewhere...
Alerinda walks over and searches a shelf.
Examiner Alerinda says: Here it is!
Examiner Alerinda says: And here you go. Please be careful with it, it's very old.

Koatini is located at the Grand Bazaar. Take the flight point to Port of Zandalar and go down a floor using the nearby stairs. The quest item will cost 20g if you have no faction reputation with the Kalu'ak.

Gossip I'm looking for some scrolls you may have?
I do! But, and I mean no disrespect, I speak in coin if you catch my drift?
For the right price, they're all yours.

Chronicler Shoopa is not too far away. Staying on the same floor level, travel east until you reach the Little Tortolla.

Gossip I was told you came across an ancient earthen codex in your recent travels. Could I please borrow it?
Why yes, I did. And quite the read it is.
However, I came across other books as well. One you may be more interested in as it contains a tale of heartbreak and adventure!
The protagonist is this man, "Marcus" and it follows his tale as he woos women, and travels the world!
It's quite a naughty read.
Gossip That does sound interesting, however I'd really just like to borrow the codex, please.
Gossip That does sound exciting! Tell me more.
Well it starts off with this Marcus fellow having been captured by pirates. He manages to persuade them to let him out after some time, though.
Along the way, the boat is attacked by none other than a kraken!
After a lot of fighting and some language not fit for the faint of heart, the ship is brought down and Marcus falls into the briny deep!
Gossip Very interesting so far, but about that codex...
Gossip Oh, and then what happens?
Later he wakes up on the shores of a rather large island. His wounds were wrapped in seaweed and not too far off he could the most beautiful voice humming a song.
When he looked up to see who it was, well, this would never happen in real life but it was a naga!
Gossip Very interesting so far, but about that codex...
Gossip That's crazy! A naga?!
Very much so! And then the naga came over and asked how he was feeling. And do you know what he said to her?
<Toopa[sic] pulls out the book and thumbs through the pages. He clears his throat and begins to recite from the book.>
"For a moment I thought I was rescued, but staring into those eyes of yours I'm apparently still lost at sea." And then she flirts back with him!
A naga and a human, conversing and cajoling each other. This is the reason why fiction is so fun to read, wouldn't you agree?
Gossip While I'd love to hear more, I really would like to get that codex and be on my way.
Young shells, always in a hurry. Very well, here's the codex.
If you ever want to hear the rest of the story about Marcus, you know where to find me.

Return to the Terrace of Crafters to speak with Chronicler Grazzul now that you have all the necessary reading materials.

Gossip Here are the books you asked for.
Chronicler Grazzul says: You got dem all?! Exellent work, <name>. Now to translate dis journal.
Chronicler Grazzul says: OH! So DAT'S what dat rune is. Interesting...
Chronicler Grazzul says: Yes? Yes! Dat's it! Now where are my empty books at...? Ah, here's one.
Chronicler Grazzul says: And here you are, Elita. De translation of your journal. Quite de page-turner if you ask me.

The translated book will appear on the bench beside Grazzul. Retrieve the book and take it to Seshuli in the Hall of Glimmers.


  1. H Jewelcrafting [120] A Rocky Start
  2. H Jewelcrafting [120] Digging Through the Past
  3. H Jewelcrafting [120] The Shrine of the Dawning
  4. H Jewelcrafting [120] Out With the Old
  5. H Jewelcrafting [120] A Promising Beginning
  6. Complete all of the following:
  7. H Jewelcrafting [120] The Missing Chapter

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