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Image of Dills
Gender Male
Race Sea giant (Humanoid)
Level 115 - 120
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Gral's Grotto, Zuldazar
Status Alive

Dills is a sea giant that can be seen talking to a large carp named Nimmy on a ledge overlooking Gral's Grotto in Zuldazar. At an unspecified point in time, he fought in the Battle of Scarvin's Trench, which he claims was both glorious and horrifying, and later befriended Korl. He claims that everyone has heard of Scarvin's Trench, and strongly dislike barnacles, having been told by Korl that anyone who likes them are evil.


So, my friend Korl, you know Korl? Well, friend, Korl say if you poke a ballista between your toes it good for removing barnacles.
Barnacles are bad.
I don't like barnacles because they make my feet itch. Korl says he does not like barnacles either.
Barnacles are bad. Do you like barnacles, Mr. Nimmy?
I do not like barnacles. Korl says that people that like barnacles are evil.
I found a shell one time. It was a nice shell. I told Korl about it. Korl didn't care.
That made me sad.
You'd be impressed, wouldn't you? Or at least pretend?
Well, he wasn't. He just looked at me, then squashed a crab...
Man, that's not even really the point right now, what is really the point is...
Did you know there was fire in this place under the water?
I saw it one time, it was amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!
I love you, little scaly friend.
So, anyway Korl and I were talking about that battle.
You know the Battle of Scarvin's Trench, don't you? Deep below...
WHAT? You've never heard of Scarvin's Trench?
A naga's wart you haven't... everyone has heard of Scarvin's Trench.
Wait, you are someone, aren't you? I have been wrong about this before...
Anyway, it was glorious! It was horrifying!
It was the most boring post in the sea... until it wasn't... they came...
Fins and blades and laughing and darkness... there was blood...
And Korl, Korl took that blade... his eyes, they just... went out...
It all stopped for a minute. I was cold. I was hot... I was saying...
Yes! That's the thing, Nimmy, really, shells. You have to appreciate the shells...
So, that bubble... Oh! You can't do saltwater? That's weird, little man.

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