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Dinomancer Kish'o

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MobDinomancer Kish'o
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Gender Female
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level 111 - 121 Elite
Wealth 2g 52s 21c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Dinomancer
Location Atal'Dazar
Status Killable
Companion(s) Monzumi, T'lonja

Dinomancer Kish'o is a Zandalari troll located in Atal'Dazar.


  • Bulwark of Juju - Calls upon the power of the loa charging the caster's shield causing all nearby allies to have their damage taken reduced by 90% for 5 sec.
  • Deadeye Aim - Shoots a deadly arrow, inflicting 24 Physical damage.
  • Dino Might - Heals a nearby direhorn for 1% of the target's maximum life every 0.5 sec for 10 sec. In addition, the target becomes immune to crowd control effects for the duration.
  • Quickshot - Shoots at an enemy, inflicting 26 Physical damage.

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