Dirty Tricks (old)

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Dirty Tricks
Ability sap.png
  • Dirty Tricks (2 ranks)
  • Subtetly, Tier 2
  • Increases the range of your Blind and Sap abilities by 2/5 yards and reduces the energy cost of your Blind and Sap abilities by 25/50%.
Points required



Dirty Tricks is a talent in the Rogue Subtlety tree. It allows the Rogue to [Sap] and [Blind] from a further range with less energy use.


  • This talent was changed significantly in patch 2.0.
  • Previously, the tooltip reads "chance to return to stealth", but in practical use, "chance to remain in stealth" was the actual effect.
  • Core PvP specced rogues should be aware that since patch 2.0 all crowd control abilities (including Sap) last a maximum of 12 seconds in PvP, unlike pre-patch where Sap lasted longer.
  • In patch 2.1 the base skill Sap will not break stealth, Improved Sap will now then be renamed as Dirty Tricks and increases the range of Sap and Blind by 2/4 yards whilst decreasing the energy cost by 25/50%.

Tactics / Tips

  • Sapping is dangerous against mobs that can detect stealth (these have a blue icon above their heads). You will usually not be able to sap these mobs. If they have non-detecting mobs with them, you may be able to use [Distract] to do a sap, but the detectors will probably see you immediately after you do it.
  • [Shadowstep], a 41-point talent in the Subtlety tree, can be used to get behind a stealth-aware target, provided that you can get in within twenty yards without the mob noticing you. [Master of Deception] helps here. Keep in mind that mobs can only detect stealth in a 180-degree radius in front of them.
  • If you are a dagger rogue, you should already be spending points on [Opportunity], so Dirty Tricks is truly an excellent 2 point investment and well worth it. Sword rogues may find it less tempting.
  • When a target is sapped he cannot give a combat flag to the rogue unless provoked otherwise by a quest event or by attacking that target's grouped allies, this makes gathering herbs & ores and quest items that are surrounded by humanoids much smoother as you can Sap, gather, and then re-stealth.
  • This talent is extremely useful against mages. It makes easier for you to blind them after a [Frost Nova], or sap them when they're aware of your presence and start spamming [Arcane Explosion] (both AoE and sap will have 10 yard range, you can step forward between two explosions with enough skill ).

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