Discrediting the Deserters

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AllianceDiscrediting the Deserters

36 (Requires 34)


3,500 (or 19s 80c at 70)


+250 Stormwind




A [35] Propaganda War



Distribute the Altered Leaflets to 6 Theramore Guards.


I've altered the leaflets you captured from the deserters' mercenary friends at the docks. Now, anyone who reads them will get an entirely different view of the deserters and their aims.

If we distribute these to enough of the guards, the deserters will be too embarrassed to ever reestablish their presence within our walls.

<Calia hands you a stack of the altered leaflets.>

Why don't you get started while I plan our next move?


I thought I heard laughter coming from the barracks. Did you distribute those leaflets I gave you?


<Calia chuckles as you describe the guards' reactions to the propaganda.>

Just as I'd hoped! I think it's safe to say any deserter agents who try to infiltrate Theramore will be laughed right out of town!


You will receive: 40s


Gossip You look like an intelligent person. Why don't you read one of these leaflets and give it some thought?
Theramore Guard says: Hey, thanks.
Theramore Guard reads the leaflet.
First half response
  • Theramore Guard says: ...the deserters seek a Theramore where citizens will be free to juggle at all hours of the day? What is this nonsense?
  • Theramore Guard says: ...as a deserter, you'll enjoy activities like tethered swimming and dog grooming? How ridiculous!
  • Theramore Guard says: ...receive 50 percent off deserter undergarments? What is this garbage?
  • Theramore Guard says: ...to establish the chicken as the official symbol of Theramore?! These guys are nuts!
  • Theramore Guard says: ...to create a fund for the purchase of hair gel? I like my hair the way it is, thanks!
  • Theramore Guard says: ...to establish a fund for the purchase of hair gel? I like my hair the way it is, thanks!
Second half response
  • Theramore Guard says: This... this is a joke, right?
  • Theramore Guard says: What a bunch of lunatics! You actually believe this stuff?
  • Theramore Guard says: That's the funniest thing I've read in a long time. You've just made my day!
  • Theramore Guard says: I'd never join anything like this. Better keep this, though. It'll come in handy in the privy...


  1. A [34] Traitors Among Us
  2. A [35] Propaganda War
  3. A [36] Discrediting the Deserters
  4. A [36] The End of the Deserters

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