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For the priest spells, see [Dispel Magic] or [Mass Dispel].

Dispel refers to the general game mechanic of removing buffs and debuffs. All of these effects belong to a particular dispel type. Most dispel abilities remove effects from a specific dispel type, but in some cases they remove depending on a specific mechanic (for example,  [Luffa] removes bleed effects). Dispel mechanics can also be categorized into defensive and offensive dispels. Defensive dispel abilities remove debuffs from friendly units, whereas offensive dispel abilities remove buffs from enemy units. Dispelling specific abilities may cause an additional effect to occur in response, otherwise known as dispel protection or dispel backlash.

For a list of dispel abilities for specific dispel types, see curse, disease, magic, poison, and typeless.


Though exceedingly rare since Patch 5.0.4, offensive dispels can be resisted so long as the target has resistance. When a dispel is resisted, it does not remove any buffs.

In early expansions, some classes had talents available that allowed their effects a flat chance to resist offensive dispels and/or defensive dispels (such as [Arcane Subtlety], [Contagion], [Silent Resolve]). All of these talents have since been removed.

Dispel capabilities by class

Below is a table showing which classes can dispel which types of buffs and debuffs. Self-only dispels (such as [Cloak of Shadows] and [Stoneform]) are not included. PvP Talent dispels are marked with a yellow asterisk (*) and only function in War Mode and instanced PvP content; they do not function in dungeons or raids.

Class Defensive Offensive
Curse Disease Magic Poison Magic Enrage Immunity
Death knight Death knight
Demon Hunter Demon hunter Done* Done
Druid Druid Done Healer Alert Done Done
Hunter Hunter Ability hunter camouflage.png* Ability hunter camouflage.png* Ability hunter bestialdiscipline.png Ability hunter bestialdiscipline.png
Mage Mage Done Done
Monk Monk Done Healer Alert Done
Paladin Paladin Done Healer Alert Done
Priest Priest Done Healer Alert Done Done
Rogue Rogue Done*
Shaman Shaman Done Healer Alert Done
Warlock Warlock Spell shadow summonimp.png Spell shadow summonfelhunter.png
Warrior Warrior

Dispel Abilities

Below is a list of abilities that can dispel effects based on class, then type (defensive or offensive). Each type of effect that can be dispelled is marked by an icon next to it. Self-dispels are not listed.

Dispel Protection

The following abilities have an additional effect if they are dispelled. These "protection" effects exist in order to deter an opponent from dispelling them. The effects caused by dispelling vary; some benefit the caster while others harm the victim or the dispeller. Certain abilities only gain protection effects via talents; these talents are listed instead.