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For the priest spells, see [Dispel Magic] or [Mass Dispel].

Dispel refers to the general game mechanic of removing buffs and debuffs. All of these effects belong to a particular dispel type. Most dispel abilities remove effects from a specific dispel type, but in some cases they remove depending on a specific mechanic (for example,  [Luffa] removes bleed effects). Dispel mechanics can also be categorized into defensive and offensive dispels. Defensive dispel abilities remove debuffs from friendly units, whereas offensive dispel abilities remove buffs from enemy units.

For a list of dispel abilities for specific dispel types, see curse, disease, magic, poison, and typeless.


Dispels can be resisted, based on spell hit and resistances. These resists only exist for offensive dispels and follow the same rule as any other spell. When a dispel is resisted, it does not remove any buffs.

Table of dispel capabilities by class

Below is a table showing which classes can dispel which types of buffs and debuffs. Text shown in yellow indicates that only characters of a specific talent specialization can dispel that type.

Class Defensive Offensive
Curse Disease Magic Poison Magic Enrage Immunity
Death knight Death knight Yes
Druid Druid Yes Resto Yes Yes
Hunter Hunter Yes Yes
Mage Mage Yes Yes
Monk Monk Yes Mistweaver Yes
Paladin Paladin Yes Holy/Ret Yes
Priest Priest Holy/Disc Yes Yes Yes
Rogue Rogue Yes
Shaman Shaman Yes Resto Yes
Warlock Warlock Pet Pet
Warrior Warrior Prot Yes

List of player abilities with the dispel mechanic

Note: Currently, all poison, disease, enrage, immunity and curse-removing effects can only be cast on friendly targets. For magic-removing effects, the possible targets are mentioned explicitly.

Improved by [Nature's Cure] to also dispel Magic from friendly targets.
Improved by [Internal Medicine] (Mistweaver) to also dispel Magic from friendly targets.
Improved by [Sacred Cleansing] to also dispel Magic from friendly targets.
Improved by [Improved Cleanse Spirit] to also dispel Magic from friendly targets.

List of player abilities that counter the dispel mechanic

These abilities have an additional effect if they are dispelled.