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Spell shadow dispersion.png
  • Dispersion
  • Level 58 Shadow priest ability
  • 2 min cooldown
  • Instant cast
  • Disperse into pure Shadow energy for 6 sec, reducing all damage you take by 60%, but you are unable to attack or cast spells. Castable while stunned, feared, or silenced. Clears all snare and movement impairing effects when cast, and makes you immune to them while dispersed. Voidform does not drain Insanity while dispersed.
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Spell shadow dispersion.png
  • Dispersion
  • Reduces all damage taken by 60%. Cannot attack or cast spells. Immune to snare and movement impairing effects.
  • Duration: 6 seconds

Dispersion is a level 58 Shadow priest ability. Dispersion protects the priest by reducing the damage taken by 60% for 6 sec but makes them unable to attack or cast spells. Dispersion can be cast while stunned, feared or silenced, which makes it very useful in PvP as well. [Voidform] does not drain Insanity while Dispersion is active.


  • Dispersion cannot be dispelled.
  • This ability can be used while mounted. This can make it particularly useful for escaping ambushes when mounted, as priests can use Dispersion to survive attacks and swiftly ride away, outstripping their unmounted attackers.
  • Like most damage reduction effects, Dispersion does not reduce fall damage. Dispersion can be used while levitating.
  • Also like other damage reduction effects, Dispersion's 90% damage reduction stacks multiplicatively with other sources of mitigation.
  • Dispersion applies the Pacify and Silence effects to the priest for the duration. It is therefore not possible to use most abilities during Dispersion without first cancelling the buff. This can done by right-clicking the icon, or with macros. This is due to the Pacify effect preventing attacks and the Silence effect preventing any casts (including [Shadowfiend]).
  • It is also possible to use certain physical abilities during Dispersion, such as [Darkflight] and [Rocket Jump].
  • Priests can use Dispersion in battlegrounds while carrying a flag. It does not cause you to drop the flag.
  • Players can drink, eat, mount, dismount and use trinkets while Dispersed. Other items may or may not be usable during Dispersion.


Tips and tactics

  • Dispersion has two main components: damage reduction and snare/root immunity.
  • In PvP, smart opponents will often stop attacking you once they realised you are Dispersed. This can be useful when fleeing to discourage them from pursuing you. Alternatively, by staying in the fray, priests can minimize the chance of opponents noticing their Dispersion, increasing the likelihood that they will continue to waste their attacks on the largely immune priest.
  • One tactic in PvP (especially when facing numerous opponents, and imminent death is likely) is to place as many DoTs and especially [Shadow Word: Pain] as possible, and use Dispersion when the onslaught takes you to about 10% health. Run around your targets as closely as possible, who may all gather together to try to kill you. This will not only waste their time, cooldowns and resources, but will also maximize the impact of [Shadowy Apparitions] procs, and with several SW:Ps on targets, can deal a substantial amount of damage. If possible, immediately follow Dispersion with [Psychic Scream]. With luck, this can allow you to prolong your survival or even escape entirely from a group of opponents, who may also waste their PvP trinkets breaking free of your fear.
  • Dispersion has many uses in PvE, such as using it to soak large (AoE) hits that would reduce a fully geared tank into a red stain on the floor.

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