Disrupt the Rituals

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Not to be confused with N [81] Disrupting the Rituals.
Alliance & HordeDisrupt the Rituals
Start Shamanstone
End Shamanstone
Level 99 (Requires 98)
Category Nagrand (alternate universe)
Experience 14,930
Repeatable No


Destroy the Ritual Totems.

  • Mok'gor totems destroyed (2)
  • Gra'ah totems destroyed (2)
  • Kag'ah totems destroyed (2)


No longer do the Warsong seek to be one with the elements; instead they abuse their power by using it to channel the darkness of the void.

I will not tolerate these rituals to continue. Locate the ritual totems the Warsong use to channel the void and destroy them.

The gift of the elements was not given to the orcs only to be defiled and used as a plaything.


Dark shamanism is a dangerous practice, <name>.

It is true that the void can be a source of terrible power, but it is the kind of power that comes at a price.

These woods are safer now that you have put an end to the rituals.


  • 15g


  • 14,930 experience

The Shadow of the Void

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