Disturbing the Past (death knight)

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NeutralDisturbing the Past

98 - 110 (Requires 98)




7g 70s


N Death knight [98 - 110] Following the Curse


N Death knight [98 - 110] A Grisly Task


Search around Ariden's Camp for clues leading to the Dark Riders.

  • Ariden's Camp investigated


This place is where the merchant, Ariden, set up camp while he was trying to ply his dubious wares to the sorcerer Medivh.

It has remained strangely untouched for all this time, which leads me to believe it may still have a connection to its former owner.

Help me search the camp. Let's see if we can find something to lead us to the Dark Riders.


You will receive: 7g 70s


Dark energy hums from the journal, which appears to be the writings of Ariden, and chronicles his time in Deadwind Pass. One entry in particular stands out:

"I hear the whispers. They call me from the wet soil of shallow graves, hearkening me to my legacy.

"But what legacy? The merchant I once was had no special bloodline...

"Nevertheless, I am drawn to it. The dread blade... the world-ender...  [Apocalypse]."



On accept:

Ariden yells: Turn away now, interloper! The horrors of the past will be your undoing!
Revil Kost says: I think that means we're on the right track. See what you can find in that journal.

Interacting with the items around the camp will yield some gossip text.

Relic Box:

The box contains various magical looking trinkets and baubles.
Upon close inspection, these "relics" appear to be nothing more than clever forgeries.

Fur Blanket:

The bedding in the tent has been undisturbed for quite some time.


The compass is old and weathered with use.
It appears to be malfunctioning - the compass arrow is erratically changing direction and never settling at true North.

Fine Boots:

These boots are in surprisingly nice condition for their age.
It's odd that they would still be left here after all these years.

Upon interacting with the Battered Journal:

Ariden yells: Fool! You will suffer for your trespass!


Level 98

  1. N Death knight [98 - 110] The Call to War
  2. N Death knight [98 - 110] A Pact Of Necessity
  3. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  4. N Death knight [98 - 110] Keeping Your Edge
  5. N Death knight [98 - 110] Advanced Runecarving
  6. N Death knight [98 - 110] Plans and Preparations
  7. N Death knight [98 - 110] Our Next Move
  8. N Death knight [98 - 110] Return of the Four Horsemen
  9. N Death knight [98 - 110] The Firstborn Rises

Level 101

  1. N Death knight [101 - 110] Called to Acherus
  2. N Death knight [101 - 110] Rise, Champions
  3. N Death knight [101 - 110] Spread the Word
  4. N Death knight [101 - 110] Recruiting the Troops
  5. N Death knight [101 - 110] Troops in the Field
  6. Complete both:
Level 102
  1. N Death Knight [100 - 110] Blades of Destiny

Level 103

  1. N Death knight [103 - 110] The Ruined Kingdom
  2. Complete both:
  3. N Death knight [103 - 110] Regicide
  4. N Death knight [103 - 110] The King Rises
  5. N [103 - 110] A Personal Request
  6. Complete all of:

Level 110

  1. N Death knight [110] The Scarlet Assault
  2. Complete both:
  3. N Death knight [110] The Scarlet Commander
  4. N Death knight [110] The Zealot Rises
  5. Optional: N Death knight [110] Champion: High Inquisitor Whitemane
  6. Complete all of:
  7. N Death knight [110] The Fourth Horseman
  8. N Death knight [110] Champion: Darion Mograine
  9. N Death knight [110] A Hero's Weapon

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