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This article contains information and lore exclusive to Hearthstone, and is considered non-canon.

NeutralDon Han'Cho
Image of Don Han'Cho
Gender Male
Race Ogre
Affiliation(s) Grimy Goons
Occupation Leader of the Grimy Goons, owner of the First Bank of Gadgetzan
Location Gadgetzan, Tanaris
Status Alive
Han'Cho acquiring the First Bank of Gadgetzan.
"The brilliant mastermind of the Grimy Goons, Han sometimes thinks about ditching the idiot Cho, but that would just tear him apart."
— Flavor text

Don Han'Cho is a two-headed ogre and the leader of the Grimy Goons, one of the three crime families active in Gadgetzan in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion for Hearthstone.

The right head, Han, is a criminal mastermind, while the left head, Cho, isn't the sharpest axe in the armory but hits "like a stampede of runaway kodos". Han'Cho recently bought the First Bank of Gadgetzan, takes a cut from the loot fenced at the Gadgetzan Emporium and has a tight grip on the entirety of the Grimestreet neighborhood. He is currently preparing for a hostile takeover of all of Gadgetzan, and has been recruiting new Goons and stockpiling weapons non-stop. He currently sports the most muscle in the city and has arsenals stashed down every side-street and bolt-hole.[1][2]


Hey, join the Goons. (Or meet my fist!)
We'll handle this. (Smash!)

The Gadgetzan Gazette

Cho: Dis Bank good. Plenty of dough.
Han: Please pardon my associate's rough manners. I am proud to say that the First Bank of Gadgetzan will serve as a symbol of wealth and opportunity for all of Gadgetzan's citizens. If you are one of those wealth seeking opportunists, come see us; we'll beat ANY competitor.[2]


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