Doomguard Destroyer

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For the Legion Invasion version, see Doomguard Destroyer (Legion Invasion).
MobDoomguard Destroyer
Image of Doomguard Destroyer
Gender Male
Race Doomguard (Demon)
Level 58 - 59
Health 2,747
Mana 2,289 - 2,369
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Tainted Forest, Blasted Lands

Doomguard Destroyers are level 58-59 doomguard found in the Tainted Forest of the Blasted Lands.


  • Inv sword 54.png  Fel Cleave — Inflicts 150% weapon damage and leaves a terrible wound, making the target vulnerable to magic.
  • Spell fire felrainoffire.png  Rain of Chaos — Calls down chaotic rain, burning all enemies in a selected area for 36 Fire damage every 3 sec. for 9 sec.
  • Spell frost windwalkon.png  Wing Buffet — Inflicts slight damage to enemies in a cone in front of the caster, knocking them back.

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