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Doomsworn Harbinger

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MobDoomsworn Harbinger
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Gender Male
Race Eredar (Demon)
Level 100 - 110
Health 1,367,792
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Location Nor'Danil Wellspring, Azsuna; Val'sharah
Status Killable

Doomsworn Harbingers are eredar located in Nor'Danil Wellspring in Azsuna and Val'sharah during the Legion Assaults.


  • Defiled Consecration - Desecrates the land beneath the caster, dealing Shadow damage to enemies who enter the area.
  • Unholy Frenzy - Grant an ally unholy frenzy, increasing Haste by 40% while inflicting Shadow damage taken by 100%.

Objective of


  • Here's a small taste of my fel magic.
  • I am of Argus, the mightiest world in all of the Great Dark.
  • In Sargeras's name.
  • The Legion's will be done.
  • Wither before my might!
  • You dare?!
  • Your death will be swift and unmerciful.
  • Your world will be purged!

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