Dorogg the Ruthless

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MobDorogg the Ruthless
Image of Dorogg the Ruthless
Title <Bladespire Butcher>
Race Ogron (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 143,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Bladespire clan
Location Butcher's Rise, Frostfire Ridge
Status Killable

Dorogg the Ruthless is an ogron of the Bladespire clan that resides atop the Butcher's Rise of Bladespire Citadel in Frostfire Ridge. He is unleashed upon the Frostwolf clan as they invade the citadel,[1] hurling flaming boulders down on them as they attempt to reach the upper level of the keep[2] and then confronting them personally. After Gorr'thog's defeat, his corpse can be found leaned against a wall in his lair, being fed to some hungry frost wolves, and Durotan notes that the adventurers impressed him by defeating the ogron.[3]

Objective of


  • Crushing Smash - Slams enemies within 10 yards for 8,000 damage.
  • Frenzy - Increases the caster's attack speed by 30% for until cancelled.
  • Whirling Axe - Throw a whirling blade, inflicting Physical damage to enemies within 8 yards every 1 sec.
  • Whomp - Inflicts 0 Physical damage to enemies in front of Dorogg, knocking them back.


Dorogg can drop any of the following profession items:


Before the Battle
Ligra the Unyielding says: Show Dorogg no mercy. Lok'tar ogar.
During the Battle
Durotan yells: Press the attack!
Durotan yells: The Frostwolves will triumph!
Durotan yells: The fortress will fall.
Durotan yells: Do not give up!
Durotan yells: Gather your strength!
Durotan yells: Dorogg has fallen! Stay close, Frostwolves - the citadel is not yet ours.

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